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Farmer's Basket

Our social enterprise – Green Skies is launching a “Community Support Agriculture (CSA)” project named Farmer’s Basket. The aim is to provide job opportunities for autistic teenagers and to provide fresh and safe seasonal food grown from 3 different organic agricultural systems – organic soil farming, hydroponics and aquaponics. At the same time, the project also helps realizing the notion of sustainable living while supporting the partnership between farmers and consumers, increasing the income which helps the operation of Green Skies.

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The Chinese university Bachelor of science in Biology(2010), Arborist, Advance Course on Permaculture for Sustainable Aid Work (PSAW) (2016), Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden An Introduction to Aquaponics Training Workshop (2013), HKU Space Certificate in Landscape Design (2012), Permaculture Design Certificate (2011), professional in local home and office self-organizing aquaponic system.

Louis Pun graduated from Colombia University with a Master of Architecture Studies. As a US architecture and entrepreneur, he is a professional in estate project development and investment.

Louis has been actively participating in agricultural developmental project since 2013 and has been researching and improving plantation techniques in organic coffee garden and aquaponics farm.

After 6 years of practice and research on aquaponics agricultural system, Louis is skilled in operating urban sustainable ecological agriculture as an urban farmer.

Pace Tang graduated from The Hong Kong Chinese University Department of Business Administration, majored in marketing and completed her China Business Management Masters from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has been actively participating in social services since high school and have over 10 years of experience in organising and planning China’s rural poverty alleviation activities.

Engaging in Sino-foreign trade for more than 10 years, she has abundant experience in business management, yet she always had a feeling that life should not be content from chasing after career and fame. In Hong Kong’s disconnected society, Pace believes that through exposure to nature, people can connect with each other.

Kitty Poon was the Managing Director of fashion accessories manufacturer Island Group for over 20 years. She led over 1000 employees, overseeing production, marketing, product design and development and merchandising. Her own brand “Tiff & Tiffy”, has enjoyed a prestigious reputation in Europe, and her products are also sold in US department stores such as Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kitty went to the United States to pursue college education. Kitty had long decided to combine the best of these cultures and make the most of her life. She received her Bachelor degree in hotel management from the University of Houston.

Before she devoted herself full time to social service, Kitty was engaged in projects helping Left-behind Children in mainland China. She established her own charity platform LoveXpress Foundation in 2013 and was registered as a non-profit charity in 2015. Kitty is a firm believer that love and compassion are innate in most people, and with determination and perseverance, the collective energy generated can genuinely impact communities in need.
Kitty’s passion and visionary foresight in design and creation, combined with the knowledge and experience gained in manufacturing, and her staunch signature of love and perseverance have found the perfect synergy in the field of charity.