Social services


Service object

We aim to help those with special learning needs with autistic teenagers as our initial targets.


Service area

Via the collaboration between social welfare organizations and Green Skies, we create more employment opportunity for autistic teenagers and allow them to develop and exert their ability that are often concealed due to the lack of chances. By developing their interest in aquaponics, we can help those hardworking autistic teens to be aquaponists so the general public can see Them from a whole new perspective. We hope to see more companion support and join our agriculture project through different communities.

Social services

Collaboration with social welfare organizations

Greens skies worked hand in hand with LoveXpress to conceive and organize individual events targeted at autisitc teenagers, putting our concept into practice.

Project collaborated with LoveXpress: Employment programme for autisitc teenagers


How does aquaponics help autism:

Encouraging aquaponics so promote the connection between the society and young people with autism to achieve a completely inclusive society:

● Rooftop farm management
● Aquaponics system maintenance
● Teacher assistant in ecology courses
● Caterer for Farm to Table


Urban agriculture with the aim of influencing life with life

Our object is to bring out life education through aquaponics. We try to lead people’s reflection on “life” through observing the life cycle of the species (fish, vegetables, insects, etc.) to better understand the relationship between humans and nature and to appreciate the interdependence between species in an ecosystem. Whilst the systematic management of aquaponics can help autistic students to have better control over their emotions. In addition, participating in a green life does have a positive impact on emotions and can help relieve stress and emotions.

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